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As an artist, I try to polish the fundamentals so that I can implement them to a style of my own. My main goal is always to strive for original concepts, and view my past creations with an objective lens for the purpose of adjusting and improving as time goes on. 

On my website I have a variety of projects and work, primarily illustrations, but I have also contributed to the city of Edinburgh´s artistic scene by creating murals for shops and cafés, while making prints for sale on the side. 

who am i?

My name is Victor Nobis and I am a 26-year-old artist from Malmo, Sweden that specializes in hard-lined illustrative work that borrows a lot of elements from cartoons and Japanese manga. 

I have been a resident of UK for nearly 6 years now, located in Edinburgh, Scotland. Throughout my time here, I have exhibited my art at mutliple venues around the city, from pubs to shops and large gallery spaces like Whitespace, Printworks Coffee and Joseph Pearce’s Wine and Spirit Merchant. 

At the core of it, my art draws a lot of parallels to comic books and manga, being the main source of inspiration since  childhood. As my style developed, I found it fitting to present it in more of a fine art style, straying away from the typical pages and panels layout to entitrely focus on big picture presentations. Through this, I created a series for myself titled “Fallen Giants”, which is a vibrant, alien-like depiction of cities as if they were humanifications.

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